Automatic Feeding Unit: AFS-R

Automatic Feeding Unit: AFS-R

Applications and Features

  • Feeds the drill motor automatically.
  • Detects the load of the drill motor and automatically adjusts the feeding speed.
  • The rebar detecting function avoids cutting through a rebar.*
  • Compatible with 2019 new models.
  • Mountable on both right and left side of the carriage block.
  • Automatically shuts off when the core bit penetrates the working material.

* The function works when necessary conditions are satisfied.

Important Note

This product is NOT CE certified.
Always Keep eyes on the machine during operations.
Never leave the machine running alone.
For emergency, always stay at the position where the operator can stop the machine immediately.

Automatic Feeding Unit: AFS-R
Setting example
The motor, the stand, and the core bit are not included in this item.
Automatic Feeding Unit: AFS-R
Adaptor Plate for TS-402/403/405 (Standard Accessory) The adaptor plate for TS-252 and 255 is an optional accessory.
Automatic Feeding Unit: AFS-R
Stopper (Optional Accessory)


Rated Input40 W
VoltageAC 100-120V・220-240V, 50/60 Hz
Weight7.0 kg (15.4 lbs)
Dimension196 (W) x 258 (L) x 268 (H)
Applicable ModelTS-252, TS-255, TS-402, TS-403, TS-405

Specifications and product appearances are subject to change without prior notice.