Stand: TS-255 Motor: H2021

Stand: TS-255 Motor: H2021

Maximum Bit Capacity: 250 mm ( 10") with 30 mm Spacer

Applications and Features

  • The most powerful medium-sized SHIBUYA core drilling machine.
  • Built-in on/off switch with motor overload protection.
  • Ideal machine for middle size jobs.
  • Multi-position water swivel inlet for convenience.
  • Right and left hand feed handle positions.
  • Portable Residual Current Device (P.R.C.D.) automatically shuts off electricity in the event of electric leakage. (220-240 V only)
  • Includes a water collector ring.
  • Normal Stand Column: 803 mm (31″) with 493 mm (19″) stroke.
  • Long Column: 1003 mm (39″) with 693 mm(27″) stroke.
  • AB52 Column: 1011 mm (40″) with 680 mm (27″) stroke.
  • 50 mm (2″) square column.
  • Tool kit including wrenches and allen keys.

The models used in this movie are TS-252/R2021 (220-240V), rated input 2,300W and TS-255/H2021 (220-240V), rated input 3,450W.
The comparison between TS-252/R2021 (110-120V) and TS-255/H2021 (110-120V) will not provide the same outcome.
Stand: TS-255 Motor: H2021
AB52 swivel base available as option


Rated Input2,700 W (100V)・2,300 W (110-120V)・3,450 W (220-240V)
VoltageAC 100V・110-120V・220-240V, 50/60 Hz
Spindle Revolutions at No Load470/1,050 rpm (H2021 100V)・450/950 rpm (H2021 110-120V)・550/1,200 rpm (H2021 220-240V)
Spindle Revolutions at Rated Load320/720 rpm (H2021 100V)・310/680 rpm (H2021 110-120V)・300/730 rpm (H2021 220-240V)
Spindle ThreadUNC 1 -1/4"・A-Rod
WeightH2021 w carriage block: 12.2 kg・TS-255(800L): 6.6 kg・TS-255(1000L): 7.5 kg・TS-255(AB52): 7.2 kg
Height803 mm・1003 mm・1011 mm (AB52)
Base Size158 x 217 mm・146 x 205 mm (AB52)
Available Stroke493 mm ・693 mm (1003L) ・680 mm (AB52)


  • Allen Key 4 and 6 mm
  • Double-End Spanner 17 x 19 mm(AB52)
  • Single-End Spanner 21 mm (Fixed version) and 36 mm
  • Core Removal Wedge Lasso
  • 3/8″ Square Washer

Specifications and product appearances are subject to change without prior notice. 

The diamond core bit in the picture is not included in the item.